Nihal Import, was established way back in 2000 by Nirmal Jain S.N., the eldest son of Nihal Chand Jain, with a vision to provide healthy products to consumers. Our roots are in our core values and knowing how important it is to be connected with family encouraged him to name his company in name of his father Nihal Chand Jain. That is how we put the foundation of Nihal Import and begun our journey that continues to expand with rich customer base.

We started the business with our flagship product Crystalline Fructose. Beginning with One Container (20 MT) imports of Crystalline Fructose per annum in year 2000 to 1500 MT now, has been a great journey with lots of learning and rich experience .


We Introduce our company ‘Nihal Import’ as leading supplier & exporter of Fructose in India. We now also added High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), Cocoa Powder & Soy Protein Isolate in our product range to further strengthen our portfolio. We are committed to provide the quality products, reliability of supply to our customers demand.
As the name ‘Nihal Import’ suggests, we deal into Imports of Crystalline Fructose, HFCS, Cocoa Powder & Soy Protein isolate from leading Manufacturers in the world having their establishments in Indonesia, USA, Israel,Turkey and China. We Import, Stock and Sell our products throughout India and also export to South East Asian countries Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia.
Crystalline Fructose being our flagship product, we are the first name in India when it comes to Fructose not just because we can offer quality fructose from throughout the world and supply to throughout the world but also because of our presence since last 15 years that brings reliability & loyalty as major Value Proposition to our customers.
Crystalline Fructose is being manufactured by handful of manufactures in the world, Six companies to be precise and we ‘Nihal Import’ are honoured to be authorized import Partners from four of them.

Our Partners


Moving ahead with times we are now also authorised exporter of Crystalline Fructose from Gadot Biochemical’s Israel and Omina Starch for Marked countries.

Value Proposition

We are here to offer you following Value Propositions

  • All Products from world’s leading Manufacturers
  • Stock capacity of 100 MT at any given point of time to cater customer demands.
  • Superior quality products.
  • Best price in industry
  • Last but not the least, we trust in building the relationships, hence, we are here to stay for long and with you.